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Entrepreneurial Experience

Entrepreneurship is a continuous learning curve with countless ups and downs. To be successful, it demands various skill sets from business management, to production, marketing and sales. For the last five years, my husband and I, have been running Guerdoo Design, a design and craft studio focusing on sustainable design and high end craftsmanship. At Guerdoo, I, as co-founder and creative director, am fully responsible for performing and managing concept design, design process, product development, production, coordination with manufacturer, suppliers and clients (individuals or wholesales), sales, business administrative, etc. We have exhibited our products in numerous exhibitions, shows and runways from Canada and USA to Europe and Middle East. 

Feeric Fashion Week, Romania, 2018

Since we started our business, we received awards and recognitions such as Accelerator Program Award (STA) from Emploi Quebec, Montreal , Canada and also Best New Product Award from NYNOW, New York, USA.

It 's been a long yet fruitful journey and we still continue to learn and grow. 

Please check out our website to see all our works at Guerdoo Design Studio.

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