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Architecture and Engineering Offices

Updated: May 16, 2019

Below, you will find work sheets extracted from projects I have been working on since I worked for Architecture and Engineering offices in New York, USA and Montreal, CANADA. The full project is not presented due to confidentiality reasons.

Max Parangi Architects, White Plains, NY, USA

Having to work in a small scale Architectural office as my first job was a privilege since I got to work in all phases of projects from doing measurements and preliminary design, to construction drawings, meeting with clients and final presentations.

This project is a simple yet complete example to give an overall idea of my works at this office.

Carpian Consultants, Montreal, QC, CANADA

At Carpian, I am responsible for Architectural and Mechanical(Ventilation and Plumbing) design documents. Below, is a examples of my mechanical drawing sheets.


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